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The Arleta Library, designed by noted Portland architect Folger Johnson in 1915, opened to the public in 1919.

It was one of seven libraries in Multnomah County funded by a Carnegie grant, in accordance with his belief that libraries added to the meritocratic nature of America, and that anyone with the right inclination and desire, especially immigrants, could educate themselves.

To earn the grant, the community had to purchase the site, commit an annual amount equal to 10% of the original construction cost for operation, and offer free service for all.



The building served as a library for 53 years, even offering a twice-weekly well baby clinic in the 1930’s.


After the library closed in 1972, Multnomah County purchased the building, and it served as the home for the Department of Community Justice and Community Action Agency until 2011, with programming for juvenile justice and anti-poverty.  

During that time, following the death of Community Action Agency chair-person Lea Wikman in 1982, the building was renamed The Wikman Building in her honor. 

Lea Wikman (born: Virpi) was a Finnish immigrant, who moved to Oregon in 1953 and became a well-known advocate for children and poor people.  

The Wikman Building is the first government building in the state of Oregon to be named after a woman.




The Wikman building became considered “surplus property” by the county in 2011, and was sold to private business men whose goal was to maintain the building’s name and appearance and have it listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Hallowed Halls Recording Studios began leasing the building in early 2015, and preserved the historic exterior throughout the renovations to transform the building into a recording studio.



In March of 2016, about a year after the studio opened, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, The Hallowed Halls is proud to continue the legacy of community service that our building stands for.


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Greg is a musician, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. He created The Hallowed Halls to honor the legacy of his mother, Sue, a passionate musician and music therapist, who died from cancer when he was a toddler.

Susan Joyce Linowes Allen (1954-1993)


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