Cooper Stites- 

Assistant Engineer


Cooper is a freelance audio engineer and producer, based out of the Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR. He also works as a FOH sound tech at 45 East on the weekends. He has been a part of The Hallowed Halls since it's inception. Having helped build out the studio, he has an intimate knowledge of each room in the building. Coming from a background in composition, and production, Cooper works in many genres from Electronic, to Acoustic Folk. In the studio setting he works to provide the artist with a balance of comfort and professionalism, to deliver the sound they hear in their head. As a composer and producer, Cooper works out of Studio C (Located in the basement of The Hallowed Halls) where he can turn your melodies, or lyrics into full radio ready productions.



The Pitchfork Revolution Project - Recorded

Jaskaran - Recorded/Mixed 

Sleepwalker EP - Mixed/Additional Recording